Emily E. Kelly
Creator of Find Your Yoga

What started as an injury led me to my life’s work. I was no longer able to do my regular high intensity workouts without pain. I quickly noticed I was using physical activity as a way to mask my anxiety and to avoid problems rather than confronting them head on. One evening I found myself at a yoga studio, lying on my mat in shavasana, crying my eyes out. What was happening to me? I was letting go. I was confronting myself.

I realized early on yoga is so much more than a physical practice. While seeing your body change and finding strength is incredible, it wouldn’t have been enough to keep me coming back. What made yoga unique was the self discovery, the realizations, the comfort, the tools I was developing through my practice.  So while I know you will see incredible physical transformations, my bigger wish is that you find peace within. That you find confidence that shines from the inside out. That you learn to love yourself in every shape. Without validation from the outside world.

As I began to teach, I noticed a handful of consistent reasons people struggled to start a practice: the cost, scheduling conflicts, and an intimidation factor. I created the Find Your Yoga program to remove those barriers. I created it for you. I know the impact yoga has had on my life and I wish I would’ve found it sooner. I want to give that gift to you. Don’t wait to take care of yourself. Stop putting it off.

I cannot wait to be a part of your story. To be your teacher, friend, your safe space. Thank you for trusting me to go on this journey with you.

P.S I really love dogs. Grocery shopping is my drug of choice. My husband is my biggest fan. I rarely wear shoes. I love astrology. I’m a Gemini. I am a horrible procrastinator. I have a special talent: finding gems at TJ Maxx. I love to dance. Music gives me goosebumps. And a million other random facts I’m sure you will learn as we get to know each other

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